Autonomous Crop Management

The possibilities of data, sensor technology and artificial intelligence ensure that autonomous crop management is closer than ever before. This is evident from the results of the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge. This challenge offers opportunities for greenhouse horticulture. For the further development of autonomous growing The Croperators are looking for parties that want to contribute to this success. Do you want to join us?


Who are The Croperators?
Delphy and AgroEnergy are part of The Croperators. The Croperators is the only Dutch team that participated in the international Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge organized by Wageningen University (WUR) and Tencent, a big Chinese technology enterprise. In this challenge, we controlled a test greenhouse using artificial intelligence and calculation models with input of sensor data. The Croperators consist of data scientists, crop and energy experts and product developers. Together we combine the knowledge of cultivation, energy, climate and data science.


Development of autonomous crop management
The world population continues to grow and with it does the need for food. In addition, the sustainability issues increase in both floriculture and vegetable cultivation and there is a shortage of crop and energy experts in many companies. How can greenhouse farming turn these challenges into opportunities?

We want to make knowledge of cultivation and energy available via smart data-driven services. AgroEnergy and Delphy are working together on a product that makes autonomous crop management possible. This helps companies with a lot of knowledge of cultivation to make complex choices in crop management. In companies with lesser knowledge of cultivation it will be possible to manage the crop from a distance. This creates an optimal greenhouse climate and lowers energy consumption with an optimal crop yield as a result. Less growing on intuition and more focus on data!


Do you want to join us?
For the further development of autonomous crop management, we would like to get in touch with:

  • Large greenhouse horticulture companies with vegetable cultivation, preferably with locations worldwide
  • Companies that build greenhouses worldwide
  • Investors, climate computer companies or tech companies


Interested or want more information?

Rudolf de Vetten
Developer data solutions, AgroEnergy
Klaas van Egmond
Crop engineer, Delphy






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